Lookout Elon, Stuttgart has you in their crosshairs. There is a new name in the world of electric cars, and it will make an entrance worthy of praise. In their latest upload to YouTube, it is easy to spot the Porsche Taycan performance highlights.

Starting with Electric Sport Sound, the driver can choose to hear simulated engine noise added to their audio. Outside, a futuristic sound is generated up to 20 mph, as mandated by the Government.

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You will have four driving modes, each with the ability to customize brake regeneration. Choose from no brake assistance or up to 355 horsepower of stopping force. Other goodies include rear-wheel steering, Porsche Active Suspension Management, Porche Torque Vectoring+, and configurable "Joker Keys". These are hotkeys within easy reach that can be mapped to your favorite systems. Tell us what you think of the Taycan in the comments below.


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