At the conclusion of WWII, soldiers were coming home after being surrounded by the latest in technology. Since car and truck production stopped during the war, the 1946 models were based on 1941 designs. But Chevrolet was first to market with an all-new truck for 1947, and it was the Advance Design series.

Code 3100 translated into a 1/2 -ton pickup with a manual transmission, step-side fenders, and 235 straight-six. While the 1947 to 1953 trucks are almost identical, work on their replacement was well underway. Since the 1955 truck would be all-new, they pulled out all the stops for 1954.

To sendoff the Advance Design in style, it was treated to a new front end. A triple-row grille with integrated parking lights appealed to a wider audience. The bed was made taller by using vertical bedsides to replace the angled steel. A one-piece windshield required a subtle smoothing of the roof, and several other parts are unique for '54.

Not only is the '54 Chevy one of the most desirable years, this one has everything you could dream of. The team at 76 Customs started with a new Art Morrison GT Sport Chassis.

The independent front end uses a beefy 1 5/16" diameter upper control arms and upsized poly-bushed rod ends that combines coil-over shocks and anti-sway bar (both adjustable) to provide exact handling.

Moving back, a custom battery box was fabricated on the right side, and the left side contains the reservoir for the heat exchanger. Why would a '54 truck need this? It cools the intake of the supercharger. Yes, the mighty 650 horsepower LT4 and 8-speed automatic can also be found in the Corvette Z06, Camaro ZL1 and Caddy CTS-V.

It sends 630 lb-ft of torque to a Strange 9". Mounted with an adjustable 4-link, this truck will hook up with a vengeance. Other goodies include 20" Artilleries by Detroit Steel Wheel, and Continental Extreme Contact rubber. Dakota Digital gauges have the original font, with integrated LED and LCD displays.

The entire cab was lined with Dynamat heat/sound insulation, and Vintage Air is tucked behind the dash. This was obviously built with no expense spared, and it will take 1st place wherever you go. Click the button below to adore more of this 54!

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