"All that is complex is not useful, all things that are useful are simple." General Mikhail Kalashnikov was a brilliant inventor who engineered the AK-47 to be one of the world's most reliable weapons. It seems as if someone in Bologna, Italy had the same idea, as Ducati has unveiled the Streetfighter V4.

Essentially a naked version of their famous Panigale, the Streetfighter shares many styling cues with the latest Lamborghinis.

It might be coincidental that Claudio Domenicali is the boss of Ducati while Stefano Domenicali is the CEO at Lamborghini. In fact, Lamborghini owns Ducati outright, so your 2-wheeled Aventador has arrived.

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Taking minimalism to the extreme, only a few parts are shared with its predecessor. With a dry weight of only 397 lbs, it sends 208 horsepower and 90.4 lb-ft of torque to the rear tire. The engine is a 1,103cc with its trademark Desmodromic top end. Click the button above to find our Ducati dealer near you, and ride safe!