Back in 2017, we wrote an article regarding a 1972 Lamborghini Miura SV that was being sold by Curated. When we wrote the article, we had no idea what kind of ordeal this car would go through. To tell the story, John Temerian of Curated traveled to VINwiki's headquarters for one of the latest editions of "Car Stories."

While you should really click play above to get the whole story of this Miura, here's a quick breakdown. Curated received many offers on the car that was around what they were looking for. Still, they went ahead and took the car out to Monterey Car Week to be auctioned off. After a disappointing visit to the auction block, the car returned home to Florida. The Miura then sat on Curated's showroom floor until they got a call from Lamborghini. To Curated's shock, Lamborghini was looking to sell the car to a celebrity. That celebrity? Jean Todt, the President of FIA and previous CEO of Ferrari (2004-2008).

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