Koenigsegg has just released uncut footage of their onboard recent 0-250-0 mph world record set in their Regera megacar. This footage shows just how much the driver had to manage, regarding steering and it also includes a graph of the car's speed. It's quite interesting to see just how quickly the speed of the Regera climbs up to 250 mph.

This world record was set by factory driver Sonny Persson at the Råda airfield in Sweden. While we mostly see world records that are just high-speed sprints, Koenigsegg enjoys throwing in their incredible braking abilities into the mix. In fact, they broke the 0-186-0 mph world record back in 2015 with the Koenigsegg One:1.

Be sure to check out the onboard footage of the world record up above and watch the additional video down below.