This year's Anaheim Auto Show featured two Pagani Huayras in our booth. Endless questions about who, what, and why they existed could take hours to answer, so it is proper that Mr. Pagani describes his motivation an innovations in his own words. So here is Horacio Pagani's story and inspirations by Carfection.

My Italian is decent enough to perceive the emotion behind his story, so here is a quick timeline: Born in Argentina to Italian parents, he opened a small garage to fix and modify whatever he could get his hands on. A self-taught genius, he presented himself to Mr. Lamborghini asking for whatever job opening they had.

Mr. Pagani & Mr. duPont

From sweeping the floors, his brilliance was quickly realized. He became Chief Engineer by the mid-80s. He saw the rise and fall of the company, which eventually was purchased by Chrysler in 1988. He fought Lee Iaccoca tooth & nail to allow Lamborghini to be the first Carbon Fiber supercar. Chrysler demanded fiberglass to keep costs low.

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He resigned with an ace up his sleeve, a new way to manufacture composites. Carfaction caught the master in his own words, so click the button above to find a Pagani near you and stay with us for all your Pagani updates.