Presented by CoverSeal - If you are reading this, you have had issues with protecting your car.  One primary method is using a car cover, but they have issues.  Don’t deny it, they are not the best solution to protecting your prized possession.  Ever fight one on a windy day, or finding it tangled and laying on the side of your car?  Why entertain others at your expense?


Wind also has the unfortunate effect of blowing between your paint and the fabric (especially if you have a fitted cover). Once your car is covered, you have created the perfect nest for all kinds of vermin. Critters of all kinds love to chew on wiring, hoses and even the fiberglass of a Corvette firewall (ask me how I know).

Once the storm has passed, you better let it air out to prevent mold & mildew forming in places you can't reach. What if all these issues could be solved with something new?

CoverSeal is a patented cover that is offered in 3 convenient sizes (Sports, Medium, and Full).  It uses a weighted bottom skirt to keep out pests and keep it held to the ground. The seams are carefully sewn with holes too small for rain, but pores large enough to allow water vapor and humidity to boil away in the sunlight.

Each cover has ambiguous angles for several reasons. First off, a fitted cover has nooks and crannies for water to puddle on. They also use your mirrors and fenders to stay located, always rubbing your paint.

Secondly, us car folks know what is under a fitted cover. CoverSeal is as confusing as a duck blind to thieves. The aluminized finish also negates 90% of the Sun's heat and 100% of UV rays.

Not only does this save your shine, it allows tires, weatherstrips, and moldings to last much longer than unfortunate uncovered automobiles. If this cover does not exceed your expectations, your satisfaction includes a money-back guarantee. Best part is that prices start at just $299.


Presented by: CoverSeal

CoverSeal® is a new kind of car cover. It’s innovative patented design, which includes a tough weatherproof apron, completely seals the vehicle from the ground up. This keeps insects and rodents out of your car, as well as dirt and dust.