Looking for the ultimate addition to your “Man Cave”?  Look no further than the SimXperience Stage 5 VR Motion Simulator.  The SimXperience team of hardware and software engineers have developed one of the most advanced, customizable, and immersive simulators on the market.

The SimXperience story began back in 2008, in a garage in Canal Fulton, Ohio.  Berney Villers Jr and his brother Kevin set out to develop a simulator for their father, who at the time was a recently retired road racing champion. Berney Viller Sr raced Dodge Vipers successfully and wanted to continue to get his racing fix without the risk of injury.  So, he asked his sons to build him a racing simulator.

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Berney Jr and Kevin came from the tech world and with their vast knowledge of software and coding, dove right in and started researching what was available at the time. The offerings at the time were slim and they quickly realized that they could do something much better.  Berney Sr, is also a mechanical engineer by trade. The father and sons created a perfect team and were able to develop what is now known as SimXperience Stage Series Motion System.

Most of the primary components that derive a Stage 5 simulator are developed in house and new innovative additions are on the horizon.  SimXperience is constantly striving to add additional layers of immersion to the simulator. Each new layer brings you one step closer to experiencing what it feels like to drive the real thing.

The SimXperience Stage Series Motion system is available in kit form or as a turn-key, arrive at your door ready to drive simulator for only $26,000.  Their flag ship Stage 5 VR Motion Simulator comes with a 3-DOF (three degrees of freedom) motion system including Rear Traction Loss, AccuForce Direct Drive Steering System, High Performance Pedal system with hydraulic brake, 3 x 55” Low Latency Samsung Commercial Displays, an Oculus Rift VR Headset. The Stage 5 simulator can also be upgraded to include the all new SimXperience GS-5 GForce seat for an additional $2849.00.

There’s not a simulator available at this price point that can compete with the Stage 5.

To schedule a test drive, visit their website at www.SimXperience.com or give them a call at 877-495-3010 .

visit Simxperience.com

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