Up for sale right now is a real trophy truck. Speaking more specifically, it's a 2019 Brenthel Industries Trophy Truck. This truck is capable of producing an astonishing 1,100 horsepower and can race at up to speeds of 150 mph over 3- to 4-foot bumps.

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The Hoonigans check out this very Trophy Truck that's for sale.

A Trophy Truck is the fighter jet of offroad vehicles. They are technological masterpieces; built from scratch using exotic alloys and state of the art composites. Not only do they fly through the air off of natural jumps, but they are capable of running hundreds of miles at triple digit speeds through 4 foot deep holes. The chassis floats over the terrain as the huge tires, tig welded, Chromoly suspensions, and enormous shock absorbers are pounded mercilessly.

The fluid in the shock absorbers gets so hot that finned, remote reservoirs are used on each shock for convective heat transfer. Without the coolers, the intense heat will melt the o-ring seals.

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Inside the cockpit, drivers resemble astronauts with their fireproof suits, full face helmets, and breathing tubes pumping filtered air to their heads. The dash panel is littered with redundant switches for every system, intercoms to speak to the crew, and each other, and huge screens displaying information from their Global Positioning Systems.

Every part on the truck has to survive the abusive terrain and the gobs of torque from engines that produce well over 900 horsepower. Built to resemble a truck, their only payload is the occupants, and the minimum amount of parts, tools, and spare tires to fix what will break in the most remote areas of the desert.

This could be you.

Offroad racing used to be about strategy, and tactics. You had to make your truck last. Since Trophy Trucks appeared, the only strategy has been to pound the competition into submission by running flat out from the drop of the green flag.

If you're looking to own one of the meanest trucks on Earth, click the button below.

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Seriously, this looks like way too much fun.

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