Joseph Cyril Bamford wanted to dig the U.K. out of the rubble of WWII. So he rented a 12 'x 15' garage and began building heavy equipment. JCB is one of the largest heavy equipment companies in the world, and his son Anthony has been at the helm since 1975. Pushing your machines to their limits is the best way to advertise, so JCB hints at the tractor world speed limit on Twitter. 103.6 mph!

As a fan of motor racing, he owns several vintage Ferrari models and Juan Manuel Fangio's Mercedes-Benz F1 car. It looks as if he and his family are about to shock the world. In case you didn't know, tractor racing is incredibly competitive. Assumedly, this was spurred on by Honda's 150 mph lawnmower. We wish JCB good luck and Godspeed. Tell us what you think of this noble effort in the comments section down below.

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