Every electric car on the market has a top speed limiter, except one. It is true that electric motors make incredible torque even at zero RPM. That is why Tesla, Lotus, Pininfarina and golf carts don't have transmissions. Instead, they have a fixed ratio between the wheels and the motor. But what if you took some of the burdens off of the system? That is how the Genovation GXE has broken the electric speed record again.

If you want to build an aerodynamic and balanced electric car, the Corvette Z06 is a perfect starting point. Because the transaxle is part of the rear suspension, they decided to keep it onboard. The result is an electric car that uses less power to go faster than any other street-legal production battery EV.

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Their latest run at the Shuttle Landing Facility topped out at 210.2. One of their closely guarded secrets is the differential ratio, as it is the final say in how much power is sent to the ground. Our guess is that it's lower than 2.73, so the car will undoubtedly go faster. Congratulations to the Genovation team, and here's to a new record time.


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