Ken Block is an accomplished driver that has built an empire around his ridiculous driving. From Gymkhana to his rally racing successes, he's done it all. Idris Elba is an accomplished actor that has built an empire around his amazing acting and gentlemanly demeanor. He's also an automotive aficionado that has an obsession for cars. What do these two men have in common? The love for cars. This love for the automobile has blossomed into a new show, announced by Ken Block on his Instagram, called "Elba vs. Block."

Block notes in the description of his Instagram post that the new episodic series will involve the two going head-to-head in "vehicular challenges." The two have been filming in the United Kingdom for over a week now, putting on what I can only imagine is one heck of an entertaining show. Expect "Elba vs. Block" to hit Quibli in April 2020.

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