Jan Koum co-founded WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, and sold it for a reported $19 billion. At the time of purchase, this was Facebook's largest acquisition ever and one of the largest of its kind, ever. This has afforded Koum the luxury of pursuing his passion for cars. According to Frank Troche, a Porsche aficionado, in a recent article from Porsche, Kaum's collection involves around 100 cars. This includes his prized 993 911 GT2.

Kaum's 911 GT2 is one of just 194 examples that were ever created. What's more, it's the only 993 GT2 that was delivered in the Arena Red Metallic paint. After seeing the paint in the images, I wish there were more than just one.

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Porsche's article also goes on to note how Walter Röhrl, the rally racing legend, has a "life-long free pass to take any of Koum's sizeable fleet out for a spin." This pass was given after Troche gave Kaum an amazing birthday present: a day driving around with Röhrl behind the wheel.

Kaum was so impressed by Röhrl's precise driving that he gave him special permission when it came to his collection. Letting your friends drive your cars may be scary, but I can't imagine you'd have anything to worry about if someone like Röhrl is behind the wheel.

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Source: Porsche Newsroom