Many Porsche purists will tell you there is only one way to build a classic 930. Bisi Ezerioha is an engineer who emigrated from Nigeria. He is not your typical Porsche enthusiast, having realized the limitations of the original drivetrain. His innovative approach will undoubtedly inspire others, so that's why Jay Leno drove a Bisimoto 911 Turbo.

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Making big power with the 1st generation turbo engine is easy. Slap a big turbo and intercooler and call it a day. His goal was modern drivability and cleaner emissions offered by a late-model engine. The answer was found in the form of a 3.6-liter from a 996 series 911. It began production in 2001 as a de-tuned version of the 911 GT1, the same engine that won LeMans.

As an engineer, Bisi understands the abilities of the PDK transmission, so he sourced one from a 997 (2004 to 2012). The car makes 850 horsepower on low boost, and it runs on a modern Can-Bus system of his own design. No burning oil or leaky pushrod tubes, this is the dawn of a new era in 930 restorations.