Guy Berryman, the bassist for Coldplay, started loving the Porsche 911 back when he saw Steve McQueen driving one in "Le Mans" (1971). We learn this tidbit of info in a new video from Porsche, where Berryman talks about his classic 1967 Porsche 911 S.

The 911S came into the world as a more powerful example of Porsche's air-cooled sports car. How much power did it have? A whopping 160 horsepower. Okay, so that doesn't sound like a lot but it had an extra 30 horsepower than the first 911 models.

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In the video up above, Berryman talks about how he just had to have a 911 in his collection and he picked a winner. If you're going to have a 911 in your collection, a classic one is a perfect way to go. Berryman would agree, saying that his model is the "first iteration, the first design of the 911." He then goes on to say it's "very pure in its form."

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