True friendships stand the test of time, no matter where life takes you. For Austin Rivers, point guard and shooting guard for the Houston Rockets, he's had the same best friend since 4th grade and through his growth as a professional basketball player. Rivers wanted to show his best friend just how much he means to him through a very special gift: a Ford Raptor truck.

Rivers posted a video of the surprise on his Instagram account, @austinjrivers. He snuck the keys to the truck in a Rolex box. Imagine opening a present, seeing a pricey Rolex box and then getting an even bigger surprise when the keys to one of the most sought after trucks are inside. Talk about thrown off. Rivers notes in the IG post that this truck has been his friend's dream truck for a while. Now that's a true friend.

Austin Rivers is a huge automotive fanatic, having his own IG account dedicated to his own collection and more. You should definitely give him a follow: @riversofcars.

Image Source: Instagram