This is the one we've been waiting for. When we heard the M6 was being discontinued it put a hole our hearts. It had a good run, but the BMW 8 Series has a host of new technology and engineering saved for something special. Today is the day because the BMW M8 Competition Coupe & Convertible were finally unveiled.

Instead of starting with a production car and building it to race, BMW M built the M8 GTE and made it street legal. Thankfully, lessons learned on the track have translated into a highly capable supercar. Starting with the heart of the beast, a revised 4.4L V8 with twin turbos delivers 625 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque. It can be sent to all wheels by the xDrive system, or you can leave it in 2WD for a traditional experience.

The chassis has forged links and control rods, and they attach to a stronger chassis than a normal production 8 Series. On top of that are several braces for the shock towers, subframes, and steering. This allows the Competition models to run more camber for extreme grip in the corners. The grip is provided by 20" wheels wearing 275/35 and 285/35 tires in a perfect staggered setup.

Owners can configure their own driving mode by selecting transmission, suspension and stability system specifics. You can completely disable all the electronic helpers if you want to find the limits of this beast. The best new feature is an adjustable brake force. You can choose how responsive the pedal is, offering the best in luxury or feedback depending on the situation. Of course, we've summarized the 20-page press release because our dealers have all the details. So click the link below to find one near you.

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P.S. Tell us what license plates this car should have: M8 ING, 4MR NM8, GDAY M8, W8 M8, M8 0FTN....


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