Last month, our friends at European Auto Group showed up with a secret project. In the back of their trailer was a pristine Ferrari F430 Scuderia. I was expecting a twin-turbo kit or maybe bigger cams. But they chose a far more complex challenge. Instead of doing typical mods, they deleted the automatic transmission. Using all Ferrari parts, they removed the transmission hydraulics with the precision of a skilled surgeon. Learning from this achievement, they announced today that their Ferrari 458 Italia six-speed manual is 1 of 1.

Nothing about going manual is easy. At least a handful of 6-speed F430 models were built at the factory. However, the 458 Italia and its variants were never intended to have a 3rd pedal. The F430 Scuderia made more power and torque than the base F430, so the team at EAG had to start with building a transmission with upgraded synchros.

What Would You Give To Drive This?

Then they had to bolt it to a clutch that is light enough to rev while having the grip for any situation. After a few laps, it was easy to understand how many late nights and prototypes they went thru. But why?

Ferrari 458 Engine, Horsepower & Specs

If you have to ask yourself why a six-speed manual is better than a 7-speed slushbox, you might have low testosterone. Ask your doctor. The hydraulics that works the clutch and shifter are complex, expensive and heavy, so losing them offers several advantages. Ask any 458 Italia owner who has had to replace the F1 pump or actuators. Before dual-clutch boring boxes, every brand experimented with the automated single-clutch transmission. Even the Aston-Martin One-77 was very confused after a short nap. This manual 458 Italia is the one you have been waiting for, so find your 458 Italia below and call EAG at 210-608-5610

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