If your car has doors, lights, and registration, you can participate in the hardest road trip of all time. The world's fastest street legal cars have been chopping down 6-second passes, but this news is resonating around the world. Filmed by our friends at 1320video, you can watch the world's first 5-second street car at Hot Rod Drag Week.

World's Fastest Cars For Sale

If you have never participated, Drag Week is a rolling tour of the world's fastest cars. Your spare parts, tires, fuel, and tools must be brought along, so the notion of adding a trailer hitch to a pro-mod is not uncommon. Tom Bailey is a Drag Week Veteran, and his pro-mod 1969 Camaro has a tall-deck big block and two massive turbos from Precision Industries.

Porsche Taycan Sets New 'Ring Record

After a week of driving and racing between Virginia and New Jersey, he learned the exact set up his car was asking for. Using a 2-step and transbrake to build boost, he crossed the top end in 5.99 seconds at 250 mph. What you are about to see is faster than any exotic or hypercar. We now live in a world where street-legal cars can outrun dragsters from just a few years ago. Tell us your fastest pass in the comments below, and stay with us for more quarter-mile world record footage.


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