"The sage in bloom is the perfect perfume, deep in the heart of Texas." Perhaps Bing Crosby was on to something. The Lone Star State was the only independent county to ever join the U.S., so it makes sense for an English supercar manufacturer to be based there. After careful demographic studies, McLaren North America is leaving New York City for a new HQ outside Dallas.

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New York City has no car culture and the rent is a little steep. Another consideration is that an East Coast office gets expensive when N.Y. to L.A. flights start adding up. A quick glance at our website reveals that they have 27 dealers in the U.S. Dallas is the magnetic center for McLaren, so they chose to build a high-tech 30,000 square-foot Headquarters in Coppell, Texas. Their goal is a 3-hour flight to dealers and customers, even though it might take longer to reach Fort Worth in heavy trafffic...

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Since they returned in 2011, McLaren have sold over 7,000 cars to us Yankees. Their Track25 plan has 14 new models arriving by 2025, so this move was a smart decision. I may be slightly biased, but the South has much to offer. Mercedes-Benz builds several models in Alabama, all BMW X models are built in South Carolina, and Porsche's Atlanta facility will take your breath away. Houston is home to NASA, and even SpaceX built the Star Hopper on Padre Island. Tell us what you think of the move in the comments below, and click the button above to find a McLaren near you.


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