To say that the Mustang is world-famous is an understatement. Just like German and English cars have fans in the U.S., Ford fanatics across Europe own Mustangs of all generations. In their latest press release, Ford announced that 5,500 Mustangs were sold in Europe in the first half of 2019. This was cause for celebration, so they called all Mustang owners to the Lommel Proving Grounds in Belgium.

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In order to break the previous record for a Mustang Parade, 1,326 examples were spaced 20 meters apart. In unison, these feral Fords formed a herd of unprecedented proportions. Even if it was at an idle, it far exceeds 960 cars that performed similar maneuvers in Toluca, Mexico back in 2017.

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Unlike other brands, Ford has never changed the firing order of their small-block V8. The roar was probably felt in Mongolia when the Mustangs began to move. Congrats to Ford for 55 years of the Mustang. Click the link above for great offers from our dealers and stay with us for all your Mustang news.


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