Porsche fans north of the border are enjoying the last grasps of Spring, as Florida is already approaching the high 90's. To make sure Canadian customers have convenient service, Porsche Canada's new parts warehouse test track is a great way to celebrate the new facility. Located at the Heartland Town Centre in Mississauga, it is 175,000 square feet of Porsche parts.

Considering they sold 8,904 cars last year, the need for parts and restoration will only grow larger. Shelving and deliveries will arrive in October, so they decided to Christen the building in the best way possible. A 718 Series GTS Boxster and Cayman carved their own racetrack across the concrete slab. You haven't lived until you have mastered the art of indoor drifting, but my coworkers and I would never attempt such antics.

Congrats to Porsche Cars Canada for adding jobs to the Toronto area, and offering great performance at an unbeatable price. Click the link below to find a 718 Cayman near you and stay with us for all your Porsche updates.

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