Elon Musk is apparently preparing for a run at the 'Ring, at least according to Tesla's tweets. In a video uploaded last night, we saw the Tesla Model S Plaid lapping Laguna Seca in record time. This test mule is running a special tune to push the Model S to its limits. It appears as if the work paid off, in that Elon says the lap time of 1:36.555 is 1 second faster than the previous sedan lap record.

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Another "shocking" tweet was from Mr. Musk's personal page.

He confirmed the Model S seen at the 'Ring is a 7-seat model. Essentially it is the same P100d equipped with the "Plaid" drivetrain and the optional rear jump seats. A rear-facing view of the Nordschleife would be fun, but sitting atop a 100 kWh battery might be disconcerting to the uninitiated. Hopefully, this is a test mule for the 2nd-generation Tesla Roadster, so stay with us for all your Tesla updates.


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