Just a few minutes ago, Porsche unveiled their first electric sedan against the backdrop of Niagara Falls. The hydroelectric power station was engineered by Nikola Tesla, and it has been producing carbon-free electricity since 1895. Aiming a new electric car at a Tesla landmark is not a coincidence. That is because Porsche is going after Elon with the full backing of the massive Volkswagen Group.

There are two models of Taycan to choose from: Taycan Turbo, and Taycan Turbo S. No, there is not a turbo nor an engine to mount it to. Instead, both models use permanently excited electric motors front and rear. A 93.4 kWh battery can distribute torque front to rear at an instant. The front motor has an 8:1 gear reduction and the rear motor has a 2-speed automatic transmission. This eases the load on both motors, and delivers a range of 280 miles.

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Other goodies include rear-wheel steering, active aerodynamics, and the ability to use 800-volt chargers located across the country. Electrify America is a charging company owned by Porsche, and their high-voltage DC network will work with other makes and models. In addition, every Porsche dealer has at least one 800v charge spot.

Now let's break down what separates these two models.

Model: Taycan TurboTaycan Turbo S
Overboost Horsepower670750
Front Brake Rotors16.3"16.5"
Price (U.S. Dollars)$153,510$187,610

The press release states both cars have a drag coeficcient of 0.22, making them incredibly efficient. As we told you earlier this year, both models come with 3 years of free charging from Electrify America and your local dealer. Looking at the massive dimensions of the brake rotors, both models have 10-piston front calipers. Not that you need them, as 90% of brake force (265 kW) is captured by the motors and sent back into the battery. Of course, it has a list of Porsche acronyms for all the advanced chassis, suspension, and safety systems, just know both cars arrive fully loaded.

The unveiling was hosted by Mark Webber, who shocked the world with a blistering run in the Taycan Turbo S at Goodwood this year. If you still need a V8 in your life, our dealers have several Panamera Turbo S E-hybrids to choose from, so click the link below after watching this epic reveal. Stay with us for all your Porsche news.

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