Something wicked is heading to the Frankfurt Auto Show. A flat black BMW X6 would be quite appealing, but the factory took it to the next level. Working with Surrey NanoSystems, this BMW X6 was murdered out with carbon nanotubes. What might be the future of composites, nanotubes are literally tubes made of carbon atoms. Because they are so small, they absorb all light in the visible spectrum. You will only get a reflection out of it with a moderate-sized hydrogen bomb, so in essence, it is a black hole on wheels.

The finish is trademarked as Vantablack, and we're not sure it would be legal to drive at night. The technology descends from the Stealth Fighter, which was retired due to an obvious issue. To find them, enemies only needed to look for the dark hole moving across the night sky.

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Nanotubes are so small that ingesting them can tear your DNA to shreds, promoting several kinds of cancer. We hope the painters wore respirators because this is a job well done. The X6 is all-new for 2020, so click the link below to find our dealer near you, and stay with us for all your BMW news.

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