We like big spoilers and we can not lie. They are the most critical part of the car at high speeds, forcing the car into the pavement and giving the driver confidence. McLaren's Longtail models utilize massive carbon fiber spoilers, and the 720S crowd must have felt left out. Rejoice, my friends, because the McLaren 720S Coupe and Spider have received the MSO Longtail spoiler.

While it has been an MSO option, some buyers omit diving into the MSO program because once you start adding options, it is hard to stop. That is why MSO is offering this spoiler as a retrofit to all 720S Coupes and Spiders. The ratio between downforce and drag is known as aerodynamic efficiency and this one part is twice as efficient as the entire McLaren 650S.

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When deployed, the spoiler moves between 70% and 80% depending on speed and braking. Drag reduction mode backs it off to 30% for straight-line acceleration. Tap the brake pedal and it goes 100% vertical to add 20% more stopping power. Our dealers have all the information on this upgrade, and if you haven't experienced the perfection of the 720S, click the link below and stay with us for all your McLaren news.

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