You know what they say about opinions...The 3rd generation Ford GT is a LeMans-Winning supercar. It has performance than can't be denied, but it is also a bit quirky. That's why it made many of us remember its amazing predecessor. In case you have never seen one up close, Jay Leno reviewed his 2005 Ford GT.

The first production example sold to the public was car #12, and Mr. Leno purchased it new. It was (and is) a breathtaking design, so he invited the car's designer to be part of this episode. Ford Chief Designer Camilo Pardo talks about his inspiration, and the clashes with car's engineers. Aside from the stick-shift Ferrari 430 Scuderia, the 2005 Ford GT will remain the best car I have driven. Tell us your thoughts on new vs old in the comments below, and stay with us for all your updates from Jay Leno's Garage!

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