What would you do if your Ferrari was caught in the rain? Life is too short to get upset of things outside your control, so embrace this opportunity. Not only does Ferrari build their cars for all climates, they even come with a windshield wiper. So we're glad to see that the LaFerrari isn't afraid of rain. To hear that big V12 at 9,000 rpm music to our ears, because it is rare to hear one stretch its legs.

They crew at TheTFJJ were invited by the @HeveninghamConcours to film this beauty screaming along soaked roads before entering a sheep pasture. The animals were not spooked by the prancing horse, even if Ferrari fans think its a baaaad idea. It appears as if the owner only works 3 days a week, as his license plate (WTF-1) makes references to Wednesday-Thursday-Friday. If you would like to experience one for yourself, click the link below and don't let it collect dust. Drive it!

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