Not only does Jay Leno's Car Collection outshine any other, but his team is also always at work performing world-class restorations. In the latest update, we see what it takes to get and keep these classics running. First off is the Kleiber. It was built in San Francisco and had massive brakes to cope with the hilly streets. Once the suspension and brakes were rebuilt, the distributor fell off. Since there are only 2 examples left in the world, they had to 3D scan and CNC machine a new bracket.

Other projects include an early MG owned by an RAF pilot who was lost in the Battle of Britain. Next is a 1914 Detroit Electric. Instead of 78-volts, the team installed a 400v drivetrain from a Nissan Leaf along with a period-correct Emerson radio. Firebird fans will like the 1968 Convertible with the original DeLorean overhead cam straight-six. It is receiving a factory restoration with a few performance & drivability upgrades. The latest addition is a 1925 Cadillac owned by Farmers Insurance. Click here to check out Jay Leno's Car Collection, and tell us what you think of these projects in the comments below.

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