Manufacturers are forced to change their recipe when a model needs more attention. BMW doesn't do this in a subtle manner. After introducing the V10 powered M5 in 2005, they decided to drop a V8 into the M3. Known as the E90 sedan and the E92 coupe, they are now collectible among M fans. Henry Catchpole and his team decided to examine the most potent example produced, so here is the BMW M3 GTS by Carfection.

It was probably a financial mistake to not offer it in the U.S., but we did receive a potent and limited "Lime Rock Park Edition". The growl of a high-revving V8 is almost American in nature, but this isn't an LS swap. Only offered here between 2008 and 2013, they make a great track car as is. But the aftermarket supplies everything you need to transform an M3 Competition into a GTS. Click the link below to find yours, and stay with us for all your M3 updates.

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