There is but one focus when it comes to the Lexus LC 500: the driver. From the cockpit to the aerodynamically driven exterior, anyone behind the wheel of an LC 500 will feel the amount of craftsmanship that went into creating this sports car. Whether they be a daily driver or racing enthusiast, the same sense of passion Lexus poured into its design will be perceived and appreciated.

Lexus' artisanship is on full display in the LC 500’s stunning cabin. High-quality materials, such as fine metal, leather, and Alcantara®*, are utilized throughout the interior. Each driver in the LC 500 will notice just how much revolves around their comfort. Even the meticulously designed ambient lighting will help shed light on all of the details that surround them.

Right away, the steering wheel presents the driver with an unmatched experience. It's complex, yet purposeful side-profile was designed so that it changes shape at every section of the wheel, providing the driver with the ultimate grip no matter the position of their hands. The easily accessible magnesium alloy paddle shifters feature a high-quality feel and provide feedback in the form of a “click.” Everything is placed in front of the driver in a way that requires minimal eye movement so they can keep their focus on the road ahead.

For everyone else who isn't lucky enough to be behind the seat of the LC 500, there's the stunning exterior to gaze upon. It took Lexus designers three months to get the perfect character line for the body's silhouette. Within the profile of the car, there is an abundance of intricate and striking details that take the LC 500 to another level of style.

In the rear of the LC 500 are dimensional taillamps that give off a cascading effect when lit that was inspired by a jet's afterburners. Above the taillamps is space for an optional active rear wing, which adds both form and function. The sides of the vehicle are flush, thanks to the electronic door handles that sink into the body when they're not needed. This allows air to flow across the doors without being interrupted by any protrusions.

When it comes to the actual drive, a 10-speed Direct-Shift automatic transmission and a torque converter take control of the power provided by the 5.0-liter V8 engine. However, the LC 500 is more than just a beautiful machine, as it has brought forth multiple "firsts" for a Lexus automobile. Two prime examples of these "firsts" include both the cast-aluminum shock towers and stylish black lug nuts.

With the LC 500, Lexus has succeeded in creating a stylish and sporty automobile that was built around the driver. From the eye-catching exterior to the purposefully designed cockpit, the Lexus LC 500 will inspire those behind the wheel and take their driving experience to a new level of satisfaction.

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*Alcantara is a registered trademark of Alcantara S.p.A.

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