If you aren't a fan of Jamiroquai, you are truly missing out. As their Frontman, Jay Kay has made them famous the world over. With a list of hit songs, it has allowed him to purchase a bright green LaFerrari along with a grigio metallic Ferrari GTC4Lusso. He has owned the 4-seater for awhile and decided it needed a brilliant new color. He wanted to fall in love with the car again, so he turned to Topaz Detailing in London. It was there that Jay Kay's GTC4 underwent a transformation.

You might consider it sacrilege to color change a Ferrari, but this is no ordinary paint shop. Their proprietary finish is TopazSkin, and it might be confused with PlastiDip. After disassembly, every panel was covered in 2 base coats and two color coats. The first base coat allows the skin to be removed should he get tired of it. The factory paint is protected by the 2nd clear coat along with 2 top coats of Rolls-Royce Purple Silk. Kudos to the team for such a perfect job, and to Jay Kay for refusing to follow the status quo. If you want to see what makes the Ferrari GTC4Lusso so spectacular, click the link below and stay with us for all your Celebrity Car news.

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Jay Kay's Green LaFerrari Caught in Pure Electric Mode

Jay Kay's Green LaFerrari at Goodwood