Who would have guessed an electric car would ever hold the fastest time at Pikes's Peak? VW is committed to an electric future, so they are choosing to push the limits of technology first, and then allow it to trickle down into their production cars. Racing to 14,000 feet in Colorado is completely different than the Nordschleife, so engineers had to build a new car for its next performance. It is going to be a fun weekend for them, because the Volkswagen ID.R has begun testing at the

Romain Dumas was the driver responsible for setting the fastest time ever time at Pike's Peak, so he was the natural choice to attack the 'Ring. His first impressions were: “It was a great moment to drive the ID. R on my favourite track for the first time.

The cornering speeds in the ID. R are much higher than I am used to in GT race cars. But I feel good in the cockpit and that is really important here. The Nürburgring-Nordschleife has larger and more numerous bumps than the race tracks on which we have tested so far. So, we have concentrated on adapting the shock absorbers and the ride height to suit the unique characteristics of this track.”

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