Transporting cars across the country is not a simple task. Transporting three exotic supercars across the country is an even more difficult task. Making the process more feasible and safer are massive transport trucks that can carry multiple cars in an enclosed space that's climate controlled. This is exactly the kind of transport that Prestige Imports used to get three Paganis across the country, from California to Miami, Florida. More specifically, they went with Reliable Carriers.

The three supercars that were shipped were the Huayra L'Ultimo, Zonda F and Huayra Vulcan. In order to get all of the Paganis into the truck, a special hydraulic ramp was used to get them from ground-level to the truck. Some of them had to be raised up even higher so they could be stored on the second level. Once they were in place, each car was tied down. To get them off of the truck, each car was simply rolled across the articulating racks and parked onto the lift, which lowered them down to ground level. From there, each Pagani could be driven away.

It may look and sound like a simple task, but seeing the process up-close-and-personal gives you a new appreciation for how delicate this process is. Check out the video above from the Mike Supercars TopSpeed YouTube Channel to see the three Paganis being delivered to Prestige Imports.

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