If you remember your first experience in a Murcielago or a Gallardo, it was probably confusing. Italian supercars traditionally had controls that are not intuitive. They were fast and gorgeous, so many manufacturers were guilty of placing important controls in unlikely areas. Those days are over, because Lamborghini has connected humans to Huracans.

It wasn't until the arrival of the Aventador that Lamborghini offered a symmetrical center console with a logical layout. Then came the Centenario. This limited edition supercar was the celebration of Mr. Lamborghini's 100th birthday. He would be happy to see the first integration of a touchscreen to control the car's systems.

Lamborghini Huracan Evo Price, Specs, Photos & Review

The HMI, or Human-Machine Interface is now standard equipment on the Huracan Evo, and it allows the driver or passenger to easily access every system. From displaying the torque bias to Apple CarPlay, it is placed at an ergonomic angle. Yes, this is long overdue, but the experience is not unlike drone racing. So check out the wild similarities in their latest upload, then click the link below to find a Huracan near you.

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