Growing up on an island, driving on the beach was a way of life. But driving on sand can be hit-or-miss if you don't have the right equipment. Without 4WD and locking differentials, your day in the sun will turn into a nightmare. Because Italy is one of the world's longest peninsulas, it seems only natural to consider the beach. That's why the Lamborghini Urus tore up the beach in sabbia mode.

To show off the super SUV's abilitities, their latest upload begins in Terra mode. This "Earth" mode is for 4WD fun. It includes pitch and roll angles along without invoking stability control when mud starts flying. When the Urus convoy reaches the beach, Sabbia (sand) mode combines drifting with horsepower. Your sand castle doesn't stand a chance against these raging bulls, and David Hasselhoff isn't fast enough. Your SUV can't do this, so please don't try. Just click the link below to find out what make the Urus unbeatable.

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