In contrast to luxury marques who jumped into electric cars, Aston Martin decided to take their time. We've seen prototypes over the past few years, and now the car is ready for production. A press release earlier today shows the Aston Martin Rapide E unveiled at Auto Shanghai.

China is a booming market for British and American luxury cars, and their air pollution is a major health concern. That's why electric cars are being embraced by the nation. The Rapide made the most sense because the long driveshaft tunnel could easily hold a battery pack. Fully charged to 800 volts, it offers 601 horsepower and 700 lb-ft of torque.

Williams Advanced Engineering was brought in to validate their efforts, so you know it will be a fast sedan. They developed a new aero package to optimize air under the car while also cooling the batteries. With a range over 200 miles, it can be charged with home A/C power, 400v, & 800v DC. This limited run of 155 cars will usher in the electric era at Aston Martin, so click the link below to find our dealer near you.

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