One of One. This is a once in a lifetime OPPORTUNITY to own the most esteemed and awarded car of the 2018-2019 International Show Car Association (ISCA) Circuit.

Imagine a show where only the best builds in the world are invited. Every year, the Autorama calls all custom builders and hot rodders to Detroit. They gather to crown a new king for the year. The "Great 8" are chosen based on outstanding features, then they are scrutinized by industry leaders. Only one car will win the Ridler. It is a memorial trophy to Don Ridler, the iconic leader of the Michigan Hot Rod Association.

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This is not like reality TV. Great cars are not built in a week, or even a month. What you see is the result of over 10 years and countless man-hours. Literally, the only parts that were purchased can be counted on one hand: Four tires and one dipstick. Everything else was either fabricated by hand or machined from forged alloys.

It shares no suspension or chassis components with any other car. Instead of an LS engine, the builders chose the best: Nelson Racing. Fed by Nelson's patented mirror-image turbos, this 515ci (8.44 liter) Big Block offers over 1,000 horsepower on pump gas. Behind that is a Bowler TH400 transmission and a torque tube to the independent rear suspension. It goes without saying that this car deserved the Ridler award last year. The attention to detail from the interior to the drivetrain covers is unlike anything you will see again.

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Inside, the upholstery color is "Terra Cotta". Nothing about the interior is shared with another car. Due to the extensive roof chop and the channeling of the floor, the seats, glass, and every interior panel are unique. Even the gauges have an Art-Deco design that is pleasing to the driver.

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Don't take our word for it, here are a few of the other awards:

2018 World of Wheels, Chicago, Illinois

  • Legend Cup (Best in Show)
  • Select 6
  • Top 20
  • Best Custom
  • Best in Class, Radical Hard Top
  • Outstanding Display

2018 Salt Lake City Autorama

  • Wasatch Cup (Best in Show)
  • Best Custom
  • Best in Class, Radical Hardtop
  • Outstanding Display

2018 GoodGuys Des Moines, Iowa 

• Custom Rod of the Year Finalist

2018 Tri-Five Nationals, Bowling Green, Kentucky

• Top 25

2018 Early Iron Show, Alamosa, Colorado

  • Rodder’s Choice (Best in Show)
  • Top 15

2018 GoodGuys, Loveland, Colorado 

• Pinkee’s Builder’s Choice

2018 SEMA, Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Top 10 Battle of the Builder’s Young Guns
  • Mother’s Shine Award

2018 GoodGuys, Scottsdale, Arizona

• Custom Rod of the Year Winner 

2018 World of Wheels, Houston, Texas

  • The Millwinder Award (Best in Show) 
  • Top 7
  • Best Custom
  • Best in Class (Radial Hard Top)
  • Outstanding Display

2019 Grand National Roadster Show, Pomona, California

  • Al Sloanaker Award (Best in Show)
  • Stitch of Excellence Award (Sid Chavers) 
  • Best Custom
  • Best in Class (Radical Hard Top)
  • Outstanding Display

2019 World of Wheels, Birmingham, Alabama

  • Vaughn Early Award (Best in Show)
  • Fabulous 5
  • Best in Class, Radical Hardtop
  • Outstanding Display

2019 Darryl Starbird Show, Tulsa, Oklahoma

  • Go For the Gold Winner (Best in Show) 
  • Fine 9

2019 Autorama, Detroit, Michigan 

• Hall of Fame Circle of Champions (Greg Hrehovcsik & Johnny Martin) 

2019 World of Wheels, Chicago, Illinois (ISCA Finale)

  • ISCA Summit Racing Equipment Custom Champion of the Year 
  • ISCA Summit Racing Equipment Grand Champion of the Year 
  • Jack Trepainier Legacy Award (Johnny & Ryan Martin) 

2019 Draggins Car Show, Canada

  • Best of the Best in Canada 
  • Inducted into the Knuckleheads

Over two million dollars invested. Whoever buys this masterpiece will also have the option to own the collection of display materials, awards, photos, and intellectual property related to this car. Finally, the enclosed trailer used to transport this beauty is also available. If you need a new centerpiece for your collection, click the link below and get ready to Imagine.

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