Nothing will ever approach the timeless creations of Ettore Bugatti. Except maybe this one. The old man realized the same passion for form and design was endowed to his son Jean. Giving him the unlimited resources of their brand, Jean sculpted a masterpiece of metal. Sure it has similar lines to other models, but under the glossy paint is a body of magnesium. We're glad the Guild of Automotive Restorers spent years on this car, because they allowed Jay Leno to drive the 1934 Bugatti Aérolithe.

Magnesium is light and strong, but this element has a bad temperament. Working it below 800 degrees will make it crack, and pure magnesium ignites at only 1,100 degrees. Once it catches fire, be somewhere else because it strips the hydrogen from water and burns even hotter. Given its strength and lightweight, it was the carbon fiber of the 1930s. Along with fighter jets, Porsche and Chevrolet use it to shave ounces from their most powerful cars, so this is just another way Bugatti has led the way. Their modern cars are decades ahead of what you have experienced before, so click the below and stay with us for all your updates from Jay Leno's Garage.

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