Glenn Curtis was a pioneer of American aviation, and the first major rival to the Wright Brothers. Planes were his eventual triumph, but his career began with motorcycles. His engines were groundbreaking, and in 1906 he built a bike around a 4.4L V8. This 40 hp beast reached 136 mph without a transmission. It had so much torque it was direct-driven from the crank to the tire. Seeking to honor his innovations, Curtiss Motorcycles has unveiled the Zeus Bobber.

Instead of gasoline, the Zeus is all electric. Using the latest in battery technology, Zeus sends 90 horsepower to the rear tire without a transmission. Much like its V8 ancestor, it has 145 lb-ft of torque at almost all RPM- No shifting required!

This American masterpiece combines T6 Aluminum and carbon fiber into an elegant cruiser. CEO Matt Chambers was also the founder of Confederate Motorcycles, but he decided on an electric path and parted ways. If the bobber is too vertical for you, a Zeus Cafe Racer is also in the works. Machined is the standard finish, but the entire bike can be anodized black for a few dollar more. As it is, you will have instant power and 280 miles of range for only $60,000. Their state-of-the-art factory is located in Birmingham, Alabama, and it is loaded with the latest in CNC machines. If you want the latest in 2-wheel technology, click the link below for all the details.

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Curtiss Motorcycles Unveils the Zeus Concept