Two-tone paint was killed by bean counters at the end of the last century. If you want something truly custom, you will either need a cheesy wrap job or a skilled artist. Painting a car by hand is something only reserved for the best cars in production, and that is why McLaren Special Operations explained their paint process.

A stunning McLaren 720S Spider was chosen to receive a blend of cerulean blue, black, and their new meteorite gray. The video makes it look easy, but there must have been many late nights of color-sanding and buffing. What makes this blend so unique is their technique named Coriolis. Inspired by the Earth's gyroscopic influence on wind and water, it took 260 hours to finish this car. To get this result from modern water-based paint is amazing, especially considering it is being applied to carbon fiber. If you deserve a car unlike any other, click the link below to find a McLaren dealer near you.

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