Walk into any dealership and ask for a manual transmission. The confused salespeople will not know how to respond. So far in 2019, the Corvette and the Mustang GT500 have lost their 3rd pedal. I bought a six-speed CTS-V because it was a stick, and I'm sure many of you love the excitement shifting offers.

When it comes to the last Lamborghini flagship, we are losing them at an alarming rate. Our friend John Temerian pulled the numbers for the last V12 manual transmission cars, and many are in bad shape. That is why Murcielago manuals have become million-dollar Lamborghinis.

This is as rare as a unicorn. A pristine 2007 Murci with only 3,100 miles. It is one of 19 LP640 coupes with a manual transmission. It is All Wheel Drive, and loaded with every option. Curated has a complete history since new, and it has no signs of wear inside or out. You can't say you aren't intrigued!

The e-Gear transmission was a leap too far, and they are showing their age with expensive maintenance costs. If you have the means, a stick shift Murcielago would be a perfect daily driver, so click the link below at a regular basis to find one for yourself.

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