More or Less, which is it? More makes life exciting, satisfying and rich. More power, more acceleration, more fun. Less on the other hand can make life even, predictable, and worry free. Less problems, less aggravations, less costs. Fortunately, with RENNtech’s HHT you don’t have to choose.

Newly released for the Mercedes Benz BiTurbo V8 engines, the RENNtech Hand-Held Tuner, HHT, delivers more in a convenient package. More power, more torque, more speed, more acceleration, and more convenience.

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The magic inside of the HHT module is RENNtech’s proprietary software, which has the power to awaken all the sleeping horsepower hidden within the Mercedes Benz V8 BiTurbo engines. Electronic Control Unit, or ECU, re-mapping teaches the “brain” of the car how to do things better, making it the most efficient way to get more power out of modern engines. With three decades of experience in Mercedes-Benz ECU programming and performance development, RENNtech has perfected the formula for more power and reliability as well as how it is being delivered.

Thanks to the OBD2 port, tuning can now be done anywhere, at any time, without any tuning experience, and without tools. Forget the nuts and bolts, the fear of permanent mechanical modifications, or the costly reversals at lease-end, the engineers at RENNtech have solved all these hitches.

The functionality of the HHT is straight forward and simple. Plug the module into the OBD2 port located under the dash of the driver side footwell, wait for the green light to flash, and get ready to enjoy all the power your Mercedes has to offer. That’s it. Done. As a bonus, there is a small switch on top of the module that can be toggled between Stock or Tuned. In Tuned mode, the HHT rouses additional power and torque from the BiTurbo V8 line-up found in the Mercedes E, S, M, CL, CLS, GL, GLE, GLS series. More power, more acceleration, more speed, all for the better, which can be verified by flipping the switch back to Stock mode.

In Stock mode, the HHT re-flashes the ECU with the standard firmware of the car, which has been pre-programmed into the HHT module at the time of purchase. The switch allows the driver to reset the tune at any time and as many times as they desire. Plug in the module, flip the switch to Stock, wait for the green light, and done. Back to baseline. No need for tools. No sweat.

The power gains are great for the entire line up of BiTurbo V8’s. The powerful AMG 63 M157 -engine gains up to 64 HP & 88 LB-FT of torque, and the M178 found in the AMG GT gains 95 HP & 115 LB-FT. The E550 gains up to 105 HP and 262 lb-ft of torque, producing a total of 540 HP and 705 LB-FT, which is performance car power in an inconspicuous sedan. For those unfamiliar with acronyms of all the Mercedes-Benz engine models, RENNtech’s website makes it easy to find the right fit by sorting make, model, and year.

The convenience combined with the incredible power increase makes RENNtech’s HHT’s the best aftermarket upgrade available for the M.B. BiTurbo V8’s. And though deep down we know that more is better, the ability to switch back to less is what makes the module outstanding. More power, less complicated, the perfect balance.

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