Presented by T Henri - In search of an eyewear brand that parallels an elite lifestyle while paying tribute to the world’s most innovative and exclusive machines, Tyler Henri was driven to create a purist, exotic lifestyle brand… a brand which flows harmoniously with the vanity fair of indulging in hypercars, superyachts, and jumbo jets. Out of that innovation, T HENRI was born, a new ultra-chic brand offering the world’s most luxurious and meticulously-crafted eyepieces.

Having worn and studied eyepieces designed by the world’s most talented independent brands, Tyler went to the epicenter of micro-production eyewear— Sabae, Japan. With his vision and artistic direction, a scrutinizing three-year process began. It’s sole mission: to assemble the most exclusive luxury eyewear collection available in the world, the Monaco Series.

Thus born, T HENRI is an ultra-luxury, micro-production eyewear brand inspired by the world’s most prized possessions.

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Elegance and performance mold together like the most exclusive and exotic automobile designs to form our expertly hand-crafted eyepieces. 

Ennobling details from the aerodynamics, ventilation, and exhaust systems of the world’s rarest performance vehicles, i.e. various supercars from the past century, are largely the inspiration behind the formulation and design features of this debut collection. 

Whether you’re looking to live life in the fast lane with our lightweight, aerodynamic Ti sun spectacles or step out past sundown in our Rx solution, the Monaco Series provides an elite and luxurious eyewear experience for people of all lifestyles. Each and every pair of T HENRI eyepieces come complete with an elegant, hand-crafted azure case, upholstered like the interior of a supercar and outfitted with our signature buckle.

Sculpted for beauty, timelessness, extensive detail…and, of course, performance…the Monaco Series collection is the ultimate driver’s spectacle.

Feel the soul behind designing beauty in the fast lane…

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Presented by T HENRI

The Collection is manufactured with the highest quality materials currently used in luxury eyewear production anywhere on the globe today. Our Ti frames are constructed out of high-grade 5A Titanium and electroplated in 18K Gold. Each frame is electroplated with 1 micron of 18K Gold, producing our refined, signature, high-polished glow.