C8 Corvette Price

If you have been waiting for something inspiring and affordable, have you considered a C8 Corvette for sale? Without any options, Chevrolet offers the Corvette C8 price below $60,000. This is incredible considering the power and technology found within. Competitors in this segment are several times more expensive, and that is why the new mid-engine Corvette is a threat to the world's most prestigious automakers. Chevrolet is able to do this by using the C8's innovations and spread them to other models. Thanks to the C8 Corvette price, it's the most affordable Vette since 1981.

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C8 Corvette Review

With more grip and power than any previous base model, the C8 Corvette offers an incredible driving experience. For a proper C8 Corvette review, you need to understand that it shares only one part with the previous generation. This is the first production Corvette to have a mid-mounted engine. Because of the majority of the weight being located on the rear tires, it won't understeer when cornering. That being said, the C8 Corvette weight is just 3,366 lbs. Choosing your driving mode is essential to the journey, and it is explained below. And thanks to the mid-mounted engine, the C8 Corvette has been given an incredible and very aggressive redesign. Gone is the long front hood of previous generations. Now, Corvette owners get to take advantage of mid-mounted engine performance.

Every Corvette since 1963 has used transverse leaf springs in the suspension, but that era is over. The 2020 C8 Corvette uses coil springs and adaptive suspension. In addition to touring and wet driving modes, owners can customize "Z Mode". It stores a unique blend of herbs and spices to instantly change to your own settings for stability, suspension, exhaust, and steering and brake force. Pressing the Z button on the steering wheel instantly changes the car into your mode. This will keep your fun factor high and your eyes on the road. The low rockers and square steering wheel offer plenty of room, and all of the controls are aimed at the driver. What good is this new American supercar if you can't get inside? Check out the hidden latches in the films below.

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C8 Corvette Specs

Since this car is unprecedented, let's start with the basics of the C8 Corvette specs, including the C8 price. What Chevrolet has delivered is a chassis that is 10% stronger. The aluminum frame is based around a strong central tunnel, and this allows the door sills to below to offer easy entry. A new 6.2L V8 is the first Chevrolet to offer 3 oil pumps. This keeps the engine safe under intense handling. Because GM doesn't have a proving ground capable of the car's top speed, they have not disclosed the 1/4 mile or top speeds yet. You can view all of the C8 specs down below.

  • Price: $59,995
  • Engine: 6.2L V8
  • Transmission: 8-Speed Dual-Clutch Automatic
  • Horsepower: 495 hp
  • Torque: 470 lb-ft
  • 0-60 mph: 2.9 seconds
  • 1/4 mile: 11.2 seconds at 123 mph
  • Top Speed: 194 mph
  • Weight: 3,366 lbs

C8 Corvette Engine

Now we uncover the heart of the beast. GM invested half a billion dollars into the C8 Corvette engine plant. Being located at the assembly plant, it is home to the Performance Engine Build Center. This is where the most powerful engines are built since 2014. But staying true to tradition, the skilled folks of UAW Local 774 will build the LT2 6.2L V8 in Tonawanda, New York.

It is the first base model Corvette engine to have dry-sump oiling. Three scavenge pumps prevent aeration to keep the bearings happy. Not only does this prolong the engine's life, but it also allows the driver to tackle incredible road courses without heating the oil past its safe limits.

Thanks to being mounted behind the cockpit, engineers had more headroom to play with. This allowed them to develop a tunnel ram intake manifold and gorgeous stainless steel exhaust headers. These improvements allow the engine to offer 495 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque. This means the 2020 C8 Corvette engine is the most powerful and fuel-efficient Corvette ever offered. Considering the price of the C8 Corvette, you certainly get the most bang for your buck in regards to power. While the competition offers dismal mileage, the C8 Corvette MPG will be over 25 miles per gallon. Options for your C8 Corvette engine include LED lights around the engine bay, and the intake manifold can be painted to match the body color. None of the competitors have ever offered such options.

C8 Corvette Transmission

If you thought the engine was unique, you are not ready for the C8 Corvette transmission. It is the first dual-clutch automatic in GM history. Designed exclusively for the Corvette, Tremec was able to incorporate an electronic differential and 8 forward gears. The first gear is for blistering launches. Second to 6th are close ratio. The last two gears are deep overdrives for highway cruising. Even and odd gears are connected to their own shafts, with one being inside the other. This allows power to flow from the crankshaft directly to the driven gear and into the differential. On top is a big heat exchanger that cools the oil by surrounding it with engine coolant from the radiator.

Without a counter-shaft, power is uninterrupted during the shift. Either actuated by the computer or by the paddle shifters, up or downshifts take less than 100 milliseconds. In terms of the competition, the C8 Corvette transmission is the most advanced design to date. It is incredibly less complex than the torque tube it replaces, and it is mounted inline with the crankshaft to give the car a very low center of gravity. If you want three pedals you are out of luck. Much like the first Corvette, there will be no option for a manual transmission. All the power is sent to the ground through an electronic Limited Slip Differential

C8 Corvette Interior

Without an engine or torque tube up front, designers were able to craft a spacious C8 Corvette Interior. Not only are the seats much larger, but they also come in 3 designs. The customer has the ability to order leather on every surface with unique contrast stitching. Seatbelts also have multiple color choices to truly make it a personal expression. Instrumentation consists of a 12" screen behind the rectangular steering wheel. Adjacent to the cluster is a prominent touch screen containing infotainment, connectivity, and apps available from Chevrolet.

Perhaps the most polarizing and unique feature of the C8 Corvette Interior is a spine that divides the center console. Along the top edge are arranged all of the car's climate controls. Blower speed, vent mode, seat heat, and ventilation are arranged in a logical manner. With each button having a unique shape, the driver can remain focused on the road. This is another slap in the face for the illogical & confusing controls found in the competitors.

C8 Corvette Brakes

Some days you just want a relaxing brake pedal. That's why the C8 Corvette brakes incorporate "eBoost". Instead of a traditional vacuum booster, your foot receives help from an electronic actuator. It has three modes: Tour for comfort, Sport for quick & aggressive stops, and Track is a linear application with the highest level of feedback. The base model C8 Corvette brakes feature 4-piston Brembo calipers at each corner. The rotors measure 12.6" front and 13.6". If you need more, the Z51 performance package (see below) steps up to 13.3" front and 13.8" rotors. They are all cast iron, saving carbon-ceramic for the performance models later on.

C8 Corvette Options

Ordering a 2020 C8 Corvette for sale is a fun experience. Not only has the color palette expanded to a dozen, but there are also several options for exterior trim. The extended front splitter and a high rear spoiler are the most enticing. Carbon fiber aero blades on the rocker panels also make for a menacing look. Which color is your favorite?

C8 Corvette Standout Features

The latest Corvette is an amalgam of cutting-edge technology, so here are the C8 Corvette standout features. Launch control is engaged automatically in track mode. Hold the brake and gas, release the beast and it awakens the Performance Data Recorder. This system uses a 128 GB SD card to record up to 1,000 minutes. Dual 1080p cameras mounted front and rear allow you to playback 16.7 hours of track time, or whatever the valet driver did while you were eating.

If you are worried about the front spoiler, the nose can lift 2" in 2.8 seconds. It remembers when this is used in GPS coordinates, so the car will do it for you when you reach the same spot again. With the ability to store 1,000 locations, it sets this car apart from every other on the road. Finally, the car has two storage compartments. A deep well behind the transmission can hold a set of clubs or the Targa roof. A smaller cargo box under the hood is perfect for soft bags. A 5-piece luggage set is an option for every 2020 C8, and it is the first Corvette to offer this.

There is a lot to love about the new C8 Corvette. Its new style brings the Vette into the 2020s in absolute style and the demand for the American supercar proves that Chevrolet has created a winner.

C8 Corvette For Sale

PDR: Performance Data Recorder

Record every aspect of each lap in 1080p with telemetry overlays.

Drive Mode Selector and My Mode

Choose the mode that is right for the occasion, or create your own.

Magnetic Ride Control

The 4th generation of this system offers a faster response and a wide range of compression & rebound.

Hidden Door and Hatch Releases

Several touchpads are placed in very unique locations.

eLSD: Electronic Limited Slip Differential

Being able to control the torque going to each rear wheel offers incredible control.

Aero, Cooling, and Downforce

How did the designers work with engineers to keep it sleek while removing heat?

Engine and Dry-Sump Oil

The LT2 is the first Corvette to arrive with 3 oil scavenge pumps.

Three Seat Options

Each seat has an intended purpose in life.

12 Colors and Trim

A dozen choices for color can be combined with graphics and carbon fiber.


All of your favorite settings are activated by the "Z button" on the steering wheel.

Front Lift

Raising the nose 2" in under 3 seconds, up to 1,000 locations can be stored with GPS to lift you automatically next time.

Dual Trunk

No need to sacrifice storage space because you have two sizable cargo compartments.

Removable Roof Panel

Your roof can be tinted glass, body-color, or clear-coated carbon fiber.

Electronic Shifter

This carefully sculpted quadrant is both pleasing to the touch and intuitive.

Dual-Clutch Transmission

Corvette's first dual-clutch transmission is an engineering masterpiece.

Z51 Performance Package

If you demand the ultimate performance of your car, this should be your first option. In order to build the ultimate performance machine, the Z51 Package starts with wider wheels and MichelinĀ® PS4 Performance 3 Season tires. The FE3 Performance Suspension is tuned for the ultimate track day. To keep things cool, an additional radiator is added to the rear. This supplements the twin front radiators for maximum efficiency. Cooling is a battle between stylists and engineers, and guess who won? More downforce was needed, so the Z51 spoiler adds 400 lbs to the tail. A unique exhaust system is also added, allowing the engine to reach 495 horsepower. Finally, the FE4 Magnetic Suspension is optional.

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