We know you have several choices for a new supercar, so this is why you should buy a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. First off, it makes the brand aware of you. Lamborghini rewards their best clients with special events and previews of limited edition models. Then we must consider the looks. Nothing in history has looked as mean as the SVJ. It almost seems as if the designers found a duet between Pavarotti and Disturbed.

The aggressive aerodynamics aren't just for looks. Developed on the Huracan Performante, the ALA active aero system constantly adjusts downforce at each corner. A dedicated computer uses electronic ducts to change the airflow under & behind the car. It even forces air up and out of the hollow rear spoiler. This makes use of the same principle NASCAR drivers use when drafting, so perhaps they should take notes.

What's in a name? To breakdown the car's title, SVJ stands for Super Veloce Jota. Super Veloce (Italian: Super Fast) has been reserved for the fastest cars of each generation. The limited run of Aventador SV models were built for collectors who wanted big power without the wild looks. In terms of heritage, Jota is Spanish for the letter J, and denotes the FIA's Appendix J for street legal race cars. One Miura J was built for testing, and 28 Diablo Jotas were sold in 1995.

Now we come to the most important reason to justify your purchase: Technology. As I write this, the Aventador SVJ has no direct competitor. The V12 offers 759 horsepower and 531 lb-ft of torque, and the aerodynamics are protected by several patents. If you are interested in the juicy details, click here for the Aventador SVJ price, specs, photos & review. All-wheel steering and all-wheel drive offer unlimited grip, and the 3rd generation Magnetic shocks can instantly switch between supple and supercar at an instant. Don't believe us? Click the link below and experience it for yourself. Stay with us for all your Lamborghini updates.

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