Billy Joel has been known for decades as one of America's great singers and songwriters. He took the world by storm with his hit song "Piano Man," a song that will is hard to not sing along with, no matter your age. Unbeknownst to many is the fact that Billy Joel is also an avid motorcycle rider and collector.

In fact, his love for motorcycles almost ended his music career. Back in 1982, he crashed a motorcycle, pulverizing his thumb and damaging his wrist. Thankfully, that didn't stop his music or his love for bikes. Just the other day, he took a visit to the NMoto headquarters to test fit his new Nostalgia bike.

NMoto's new Nostalgia is inspired by the classic BMW R7 prototype. Unlike the pre-war motorcycle, the Nostalgia is fitted with modern features that make it a ride like no other. Billy Joel's new motorcycle is definitely going to be a great addition to his collection!