Bob Berrard had a problem. He owns the largest potato farm in Wisconsin and he needed a new truck. A full load of spuds is heavy, even for a 4WD truck. So he decided to call our friend John Hennessey. Never afraid of a customer's request, the team delivered something massive. Taking inspiration from a biblical giant, Hennessey Performance has unveiled the Goliath 6x6. Starting with a Silverado High Country, the entire rear suspension is removed. In its place is their brilliant tandem axles which share a progressive leaf spring on each side. Four shock absorbers keep the ride smooth, even though it is 8" taller than stock.

BF Goodrich 37" All-Terrains are wrapped on 20" Hennessey wheels. Other goodies include a roll bar, LED lights, powered running boards, massive brakes, and more performance. Adding a stainless steel side-exit exhaust and a cold air intake allow the 6.2L V8 to make 450 horsepower.

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Since the engine is nearly identical to the 6.2 in the Camaro and Stingray, you could always add more power if this isn't enough. Because Bob received the first example, only 24 trucks will be produced. The price of $375,000 includes a new Silverado (or GMC Sierra) and a 3 year/36,000 warranty. For more information, call 979.885.1300 or email

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