Our friend Fernando Sustaeta is the Brand Manager at McLaren San Diego. You all have read our thoughts on this amazing car, so now its time for a few insights from one of McLaren's most prolific dealers.

dR: What is your favorite model?

FS: 720S …is the best of both world…they are so different…” it is all around the best car” for performance and comfort. And now that McLaren offers the 720S Spider, it is the perfect McLaren for San Diego with the hardtop comfortable.

dR: What aspect of the 720S Spider do you enjoy the most?

FS: “The way the car pulls, regardless of what gear you are in or the way you drive. You are connecting with the car, & connecting with the road. McLaren is one of the only cars that still offers a sense of driving while not removing the human element. The way you connect with the car is unlike any other supercar out there.”

dR: In closing, I would like to add that the 4.0L V8 that was introduced on the 720S is an engineering marvel. All previous McLaren models since the 12C (and including the P1) have used variations of a 3.8L engine. While the change in displacement doesn't seem like much, the 720S Spider has more power across a wider rpm range than its predecessors. If that doesn't speak to your desires, check out the list of optional content:

That is why you should experience the 720S Spider with Fernando at McLaren San Diego and discover what the best of both worlds in McLaren feels like!

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