When building a new electric car it is important to make sure the car is ready for the world. Porsche wants the world to be ready for their new sedan, so a Porsche Taycan Trio attacked the Hoover Dam. Using power from their 90 kWh batteries, the cars power a projector to illuminate the historic structure.

Compared to the 90 kWh found in the Taycan, the dam has an annual output of 4.5 billion kWh. It powers much of Nevada, Arizona, and California using a combination of gravity and the Colorado River. With a range of 310 miles, the Porsche Taycan could take you from the shores of Lake Meade, through Las Vegas, and end up in L.A. with power to spare. Owners will have 3 years of free charging at Electrify America stations, or the 800-volt quick chargers being installed at Porsche & Audi dealers.

Porsche Taycan Driven by Mark Webber at Goodwood

Along with the new Audi E-tron, we are looking forward to a high-voltage future. In the meantime, production of the GT2 RS is coming to an end. The 992 Series 911 is ramping up production, but we won't see the Targa, Turbo, or GT cars for awhile. Click the link below to find the final GT2 RS for you.

Find Your Porsche 911 GT2 RS Here!


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